Deals for Wheels

Help Donation Nation Launch or New and Exciting Non-Profit Delivery Service!

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We are fundraising to bring a delivery service to a non-profit near you!

For the past six years, donors who have used our clean out service or visited our retail store, have facilitated our mission in bringing stability and dignity to homes within our community, and have reduced our regions carbon footprint. By using our clean out service or partaking in our sales program, you have helped our organization grow to partner with 14 different non-profits within our area, and donate thousands of dollars in tangible and economic resources to our non-profit sector. Since January of 2017, we redistributed an estimated 392.75 tons of household and commercial items to our non-profit partners and community!

Montgomery County still has pockets of poverty, still has individuals and families seeking assistance from the non-profit sector. Whether it be food security, assisted living, transitional housing or help with homelessness, 76,000 individuals and families are still in need of supportive services.

Wheels for Deals is a fundraising program to help Donation Nation Inc. raise money to purchase two new step vans! These step vans will be used to add a delivery program for our 14 different non-profit partners! If we can launch this program, it will mean that our non-profit partners will no longer want or need to pay for a storage facility. No longer will non-profits have to front the cost of renting a UHAUL or Truck. We believe that if we can offer a delivery service to our non-profit partners and county, we can not only increase the speed in which household items are delivered to our most vulnerable members of our community, but we can also increase our counties diversion rate!