Donate Now to bring dignity and stability to families within our community.

Donate, Recycle and Redistribute !

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For the past six years, customers who have used our clean out service or visited our retail store, have facilitated our mission in bringing stability and dignity to homes within our community. By using our clean out service, you have assisted in creating 2700 stable, healthy home environments.

But, our mission is not over. Montgomery County still has pockets of poverty, still has individuals and families seeking assistance from the non-profit sector. Whether it be food security, assisted living, transitional housing or help with homelessness. With compassion, dedication and relentlessness, the non-profit sector has increased their budgets to meet the increasing demand for assistance. Donation Nation acknowledges this increase in funding from our communities non-profit sector, and will raise our efforts to meet the growing demand. As of June 1, Donation Nation has closed our retail store and has created a furniture bank for all qualifying non-profits within the region. Through our customers using our clean out service, 85 percent of items collected will go to supplying the non-profit sector within quality household items. This supply of household items will bring stability and dignity to homes all over our county!

However, we understand that the task at hand will be challenging. We cannot do it alone. With your continual support and spreading the word about our services, we, our community, can help grow our redistribution center to help thousands of individuals and families! We can do this! But it is going to take a village.

All Funds acquired through this campaign will go to expanding our redistribution center.